The drones used by Virtech Solutions are registered with the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority with the following identification codes:




autoritatea aeronautica civila

Legal framework

The legislative framework applicable to the flight activities to which these aircraft are involved is:

  • Air Code
  • GD 912/2010 for “the approval of the procedure for the authorization of flights in the national airspace as well as the conditions in which the take-off and landing of civil aircraft can also be performed on / on other land or water surfaces than certified aerodromes” (as amended and further additions);
  • RACR IA “Registration of Civil Aircraft”;
  • RACR AZAC “Flight Admissibility of Certain Civil Aircraft Categories”;
  • RACR OPS LAAG “Aircraft and general aviation”;
  • DN 14-02-001 “Issuing Identification Certificates for Unmanned Civil Aircraft (UAV)” Edition 2