Aerial thermography

Virtech solutions can help reduce losses in energy systems and implicitly, increase the efficiency of energy production facilities

Aerial thermography service provide evidence like movies and pictures in infrared spectrum using the drones equipped with the thermal imaging camera. The Optris Lightweight PI 450 lets you capture images and video in radiometric form, each pixel in the image contains temperature information. The 382×288 pixel resolution, with a 40mK accuracy, provides a high-quality image on which rigorous analyzes can be made in this type of inspection. This equipment allows for easy use in aerial or on the ground level.


          increase energy efficiency

          increase safety in maintenance 

          reduce maintenance cost


  • maintenance of 20-400 kV overhead power lines
  • maintenance of electrical installations and equipment
  • maintenance of solar panels in photo-voltaic farms
  • blade maintenance, electrical equipment in wind farms
  • thermal insulation inspections for buildings

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